Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am sure everyone has heard/read about primary care and FM being an 'overworked and underpaid' specialty. While it is not going to roll in millions like a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, this is not totally accurate because it really depends on what you are doing, how many hours you are working ( many FPs work only 4-5 days and that skews the salary survey too), which region you are in, and your business sense.
Here is an example of actual academic salaries in a medical school in Utah
Note that some of these salaries are even higher than those of other specialists (Rheumatology, Pulmonary, even EM) in this report which once agains brings us to the point- it depends on your hours, types of procedures you do, politics in the hospital/medical school, etc.
Also, these are academic 'salaries' so if you are in community practice, it is even more variable.

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